it’s been one.whole.year. actually, one year and eighteen days since i last posted. boy, oh boy, have things changed. and i PROMISE a post is coming regarding my MIA status. but first and foremost, i feel the need to express some gratitude for y’all with a little freebie!there are those of you who checked in while i was absent, those of you who welcomed me back with true, enthusiastic support and those of you who are new friends, cheering me on as i rebuild my business and my community…..i just wanted to do a little something for you.


my ‘thank you’ to you are these watercolor thank-cards! they’re folded cards, measuring 4.25×5.5″ (sized for an A2 envelope). the .pdf file is formatted to print 2 to an 8.5×11″ sheet of cardstock so you can print them right at home! head on over here to download yours.

thank you, friends!

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