free #bosslady print!


hello, hello lovely!! i’ve got yet another freebie for you today! this #bosslady printable with a couple of options – cuz who doesn’t love choices, right?!?

i’ve taken the plunge and have started a mailing list! and as a “thank you” to you for deciding to follow along on this journey, i have two printables for you…

these prints are the perfect reminder for all you sassy #bossbabes out there! your choice of white or black. display them in your office for that slayer motivation!

i’m sure you’ve guessed that you’ll receive these prints once you sign up to receive bonhomieMAIL. i’m also sure you’re thinking “yeah, but i’m already on soooo many mailing lists….” ya know what? me, too. but each list i’ve subscribed to has offered me something different. inspiration, business tips, freebies….. a different message from each small business owner.

so…………here’s my plan. first and foremost: you don’t have to worry about being inundated with tons of emails in your inbox. at most, i’ll send out 3 per month. and you also don’t have to worry about me trying to get you to sign up for anything else. as awesome as i think webinars are, i’m not the one 🙂

what you CAN expect: freebies, discount codes, maybe i’ll pass along info i’ve found to be useful….and also: VARIETY. i’m here for brides, entertainers, small businesses, moms and your every day cool chick. ya never know what you might get but, rest assured, it will be awesome! 😉

join the party and sign up for bonhomieMAIL. i promise, you won’t be disappointed! (plus, you get these super-cool prints FREE)

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