my top 5 :: instagram feeds


let’s begin a new series, shall we? it’ll be good for me – i’ll be forced to keep track of where i saw the awesomeness; and it’ll be good for you – you might find super-cool new goodness!

so, just in time for #followfriday, i thought i’d begin with five of my favorite instagram feeds.

i’ve become more intentional with my instagram feed as of late and i’m having a ball! #feedbackwelcome. more engagement + more pretty pictures = win, win, right?

disclaimer – i don’t intend to suggest that there aren’t other equally gorgeous feeds out there. my intent here is to share with you a small sampling of diversity in my world.

that being said, first up is @honeyofcalifornia. i love her style, i love her attitude. her feed is everything mine isn’t. i seriously want to be her when i grow up (here’s a secret: i’m older but don’t tell….shhhh!)


quirky, kitchy, free and unique. total #bossbabe

next is @loveandwater. in this business, i will be honest + admit that sometimes all the engagement photos and wedding photos begin to blend together. not that they aren’t BEAUTIFUL – they are! but this IGer presents something just a bit different….


seriously?!?!? ethereal. amazing. ya see why i love looking at them every day?

and what would instagram be without fashion? now, i’m no critic but i’d image that it might be tough to keep all those fierce + fabulous editorial shots cohesive. not so with @maccsthelabel


everything blends so seamlessly. mixing in editorials + flatlays + scenery + quotes – looks like a magazine + makes me want to buy everything 🙂 #idrool

so, lets get back to weddings for a sec. can’t get away without including some matrimonial goodness. and i’ve yet to see a boring photo in the @happy_people_wedding feed. coming to us from the DR, darned if it doesn’t make me wanna get married again!


c’mon. can’t you just feel that beach sand between your toes??

last but not least – by any stretch of the imagination – is @magnoliacreativestudio. her feed radiates peace, contentment and inspiration. sofia is immensely talented; i greatly admire her work + her beautiful spirit. #communityovercompetition


share with me the feeds you’re drooling over and visit me on IG – let me know how i’m doing 🙂