introducing bonhomieBRANDING


i’m so excited to finally launch these offerings in my shop! it’s been some time in coming, birthed with a bit of blood, sweat and tears (okay, just sweat but you know what i mean!) there’s quite a bit of back-story to share with you regarding the why of it all but it’s finally begun!so, the back-story of this new venture……

we all go through ups and downs through our lives (#aintthatthetruth) and i’ve been through a bit of a doozie. i was divorced about a year ago – honestly, writing it down in black + white still makes me a bit nauseous – and that meant big life changes. going back to work after being a stay-at-home mom for 8 years, finding out the job economy isn’t as generous as it used to be and trying to maintain as much normality as possible for our son kinda sucked up all my creative mojo. as much as i loooove event styling, i just didn’t have enough time to devote for it to be financially feasible. wedding invitations tend to be seasonal and i really didn’t want to forgo my business completely during the downtime….

i really had to give some serious thought to the why of my business. what ignites the passion, ya know? the thing i love about wedding + event styling is capturing the personality of the bride or client and bringing it to life visually – branding the event. but, as i mentioned, site visits, set up, break down and everything else that goes into a successful event weren’t an option. but….what if i take the branding in a different direction?

when i first became an entrepreneur (over 8 years ago with my own virtual assistant business – still operating!) i struggled with my brand. i did it all myself, from top to bottom, learning as i went. moving through my stint as a jewelry designer (loved that!!) and now as a graphic designer, i’m still a one-woman show. affordable business branding options weren’t around when i started out and solopreneurs really gotta watch the nickels + dimes!

enter bonhomieBRANDING!

invitations, stationery and prints are still the major backbone of my creative endeavors. my intent with bonhomieBRANDING is to offer unique designs to businesses with styles to fit every ‘personality’. staying on top of the trends is a necessity – and i will continue to do so. but i’d also like to offer some more timeless options to small creative businesses that won’t break the bank. i plan to offer each brand IN LIMITED QUANTITY. the internet has turned the ‘world of creatives’ into a ‘community of creatives’ (#howawesomeisthat) but, c’mon – who wants to see their logo staring back at them on every site they visit? not me!


the “bella vita” brand is one of my faves 🙂

in addition to the logos, add-ons for social media (facebook, twitter + google+), etsy shops and print materials are available. as always, custom boutique branding will be offered because, well, custom work rocks!

these logo branding packages are perfect for the creative business just starting out or as an updated “refresh” for established businesses. so hit me up with questions or custom requests – i’m looking forwarded to working with some fellow #bossbabes!


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