how to make sure your printable invites look good!


you want the wedding of your dreams but don’t want to break the bank, right? using printable invitations can save some major mulah BUT you don’t want them to look…….printable. ya feel me? so here’s how to make sure it looks like you paid top dollar 🙂

if you’re printing yourself…………

please, please, please……….the first step is printing a test on the printer you’ll be using. computer monitors display color differently than it will appear in print AND, depending on your printer, that could also alter the color you’re expecting. additionally – can your printer handle borderless printing? save yourself the headache and find out before you make your purchase. i’m more than happy to send you a mock invite in the format you’d prefer so you can be sure that printing yourself is the way to go!

if you’re printing at a local office supply………….

many people don’t realize that the same issues may apply when you’re printing at a local office supply. you’ve taken the time to select the perfect colors but issues may still arise resulting in a finished product that doesn’t meet your expectations. try to find out if they’re print jobs are done in RGB or CMYK. in short, printed materials should be designed and printed in CMYK. it does make a difference!

if you’re using a local or online print shop………….

you can usually guarantee that a professional print shop will be using a CMYK printer but it doesn’t hurt to ask! find out what their bleed & trim requirements are. and is their 5×7″ ACTUALLY 5×7″? surprisingly, there’s one popular online print service who’s 5×7″ is actually 4.72×7.28″ before trimming. we’ve spent time revising your invitation to perfection but once you upload your file formatted as a 5×7″ there is NO WAY it’s gonna work. brides have contacted me near tears, they were so frustrated!

no matter who’s doing the printing, its all about the PAPER!

understanding paper weight can be a bit tricky. whenever possible, i recommend getting hands-on with your paper. get a feel for the weight and the texture. make sure you choose what you love! if you’re using an online print shop, that won’t be possible so make sure you choose a cover weight card stock of at least 80#. my preference is 100#. nothing screams “cheap” like a flimsy invite!! 🙂

matte, glossy, semi-gloss, textured……which do i choose?

i’m not a fan of glossy paper. ever. but that’s just my personal preference. the only time i would recommend a glossy or semi-gloss is if you’re doing a photo invite.


faux watercolor and hand-drawn graphics are popular elements in invites at the moment. to get the most out of that style so they look realistic, i recommend a textured paper – i’m particularly partial to a felt weave texture.


i never, ever, ever recommend colored paper. BUT. if you’ve got that paper in your hot little hands and you just can’t do without, just let me know ahead of time. i can make sure your printable is properly formatted so that nothing gets in the way of the lovely paper you’ve chosen! not quite the same as colored paper but same design concept………craft paper. LOVE it! but the design still has to be formatted properly.

so here’s the bottom line: i want you to love your invites. so i will do whatever is necessary to make sure that happens! communication is key, even after the design is done! there’s no need to be afraid to go the printable route……….i got your back, girl!!


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