soulquotethere’s something to be said about instinct. going with your gut.

and that’s true in decisions big and small.

just recently i was working on a custom wedding invite. the bride and i hadn’t communicated much beyond texts and an email or two. not usually how i would begin the process of designing a custom invite but time was limited and i wanted her to have a ‘jumping off point’ to figure out exactly what she wanted.

i knew the ‘type’ of invite she wanted and she told me she’d like something elegant so i went to work. but it just wouldn’t come together. i tried to design around the fonts i thought would represent her idea of elegant, i tried working with the graphic elements i thought would represent her idea of elegant………..all i had was a big mess! i was feeling all kinds of pressure (brought on by myself – the bride was a dream to work with!), anxiety and self-doubt because i was having such a hard time.

BUT. in the back of my mind was a voice. and an image. i kept pushing them to the side thinking “that’s not what she meant when she said elegant.” finally, it’s down to the wire and i had to give her SOMETHING.

so i worked the design i had in my head. honestly, it all came together in about 30 minutes. i was in love with the invite. but i still wasn’t convinced it was what the bride had in mind. i sent her the draft and crossed my fingers. worse case scenario, she identifies specifically what she doesn’t like and we have a clearer picture…………

guess what? she LOVED it. she said it was exactly what she had in mind!

getting a win after following your instincts is supremely satisfying. that voice, that feeling pops up for a reason! will it always be a win? maybe not – but maybe it ends up being a mistake that needed to be made.

lesson learned: first and foremost, get AS MUCH info from the client as you possibly can before beginning the design process 🙂 equally important: go with your gut. because “the soul knows when it’s onto something”

text design cred: bonhomieDesign | photo cred: liane brooks

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