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like most wedding stylists and designers, pinterest is my go-to tool when working with my brides-to-be. i encourage them create boards with pins that represent what they want their big day to look like. pinterest has a wealth of beautiful photos to inspire! once the bride-to-be has pinned to her heart’s content, i take a look at her pinterest board and use her choices to get a sense of the style she’s looking for, come up with design elements and even create her wedding paper goods. of course, there’s a bit more that goes into the process of designing a wedding top to tail but that’s the general idea.

HOWEVER. as fabulous as pinterest is, it can be a bit overwhelming. with so much to choose from, it’s easy to lose focus and end up pinning everything that catches the eye. in turn, the vision is easily lost.

enter! the sole purpose of violet wedding is to give brides a tool for creating a wedding mood board without becoming overwhelmed. violet wedding even includes logo options, a customized color palette and stationary suggestions. your mood board, logo AND fonts can be downloaded and you can share your mood board with vendors. here’s an example i created…. is a fabulous starting point for brides who haven’t quite determined their vision or need a starting point. though i’m not a part of their talented design team 😉 i’d still recommend this site to any of my wedding clients!

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