branding bonhomie

i’ve been working on coming up with some cohesive branding for myself. a look that really displays who i am as a person and a designer. i have many loves, many passions and eclectic tastes but i really felt the need to narrow it down so i can focus on what i do best and connect with clients who will really appreciate what i have to offer.

i thought i’d share with you the mood board i put together that best represents my brand……


as i really started looking at the images that spoke to me, i was able to see some common threads. if i had to sum up my style, i’d say it’s boho-chic with a touch of elegance. nothing too fussy or formal – though there’s nothing wrong with either! working ‘outside the box’ can be a wonderful thing – it can stretch your limits, allowing growth and opportunities to learn more about yourself than you ever knew…….

BUT it’s my thought that if you stray too far outside of who you are and what speaks to your soul, whatever it is that you’re trying to create could be lacking in authenticity.

so the rebranding is coming along slowly but surely. i finally feel like i’m heading to an accurate representation of who i am and where i want to go with my business. there are still changes to be made and i’d love to take care of it all in one fell swoop – unfortunately time does not allow. but keep walking this path with me – i’ve got big plans!