summer bbq – virtual party

i love summer nights. fireflies, the sounds of the spring peeper frog (yes, it’s a frog. not crickets. don’t believe me? listen…..)

warm nights, good food and good company. doesn’t get any better! sadly, the end of summer will soon be upon us but there’s still time to throw another party or two!!

summer bbqs are probably the easiest shindig to host. casual, laid back – attendees aren’t usually expecting to be blown away by the food offerings. the draw is usually the company.

but it doesn’t have to be your standard bugers and dogs on the grill! lets plan something a little different……………

start with something fun so they know it’s not your ordinary backyard bash… let them know they’re special with an honest-to-goodness invitation, not just a phone call (but those are great, too!)

listphotoinvite by  bonhomieDESIGN found here

and the rest of the good stuff……..

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so first…. food. personal pizzas on the grill. easy, versatile and super-yummy! prep your dough ahead of time and set up a pizza bar with all the topping options – red sauce, pesto, white sauce, bbq sauce; pepperoni, sausage crumbles, chicken (cook them first, please!); onions, mushrooms, peppers; mozzarella, cheddar, pepper jack…….goodness, the list is ENDLESS! your guests will love coming up with different combinations and, once the dough is done, your job is over!

low-cost, casual, outdoor entertaining doesn’t have to mean plastic chairs. set some wood planks on crates, add colorful blankets and pillows and you end up with a stylish, rustic vibe! very cool. if you have a couple of chairs (or extra cushions), group two or three in other areas of the yard with a make-shift tree stump cocktail table for additional conversation areas.

successful entertaining isn’t about how much money you spend or how fancy the meal is. ambiance, preparation and good company are the ingredients for the best events. keep it all casual & quirky with a wheelbarrow cooler. and keep your guests comfortable with these diy citronella candles (sooo easy and so much better looking than the yellow blobs you buy in the stores!) customize them to suit your decor with different citrus slices and herbs.

and it’s not a bbq without s’mores! if you aren’t lucky enough to have a chiminea or fire pit, individual terra cotta pots lined with foil and filled with a few pieces of charcoal fit the bill! for surprising twist, try these roasted berry s’mores.

don’t forget the cocktails!

cocktailsphoto credit

let your guests mix their own drinks or try one signature cocktail for everyone. one of my favorites……….


bourbon lemon tea. perfect for a summer evening!

i hope i’ve given you a little inspiration for your next summer soiree! for more inspiration, be sure to follow me on pinterest!