save money on your bouquets & blooms

flowers can make a big, visual impact on your wedding or event but a beautiful arrangement can get pricey. i don’t know about you but i have a hard time paying big bucks for something that will last forever only in photos!

to save money on those blooms, start by selecting only what’s in season. the harder it is to find, the more expensive it will be! here’s a few of my favorites listed by season:

spring: sweetpea, peony, ranunculus, tulip

summer: alstromeria, asiatic lily, freesia, hydrangea

fall: dahlia, zinnia, aster, chrysanthemum

winter: camellias, narcissus, anemone, cosmos

bear in mind, availability may depend on your location – if you already have certain flowers in mind, your local florist may be able to help you determine whats in bloom. there are also several types of blooms available year round: roses, baby’s breath, carnations, gladiolus…and the list goes on!

another cost saving tip: instead of using a florist, try your local farmer’s market, supermarket or wholesale store (BJs, Costco, etc). you could save up to 50% by putting together the arrangement yourself.

if you think that floral arranging is a bit intimidating, here are a few diy guides you may find helpful:

arrange grocery store bouquets via the happier homemaker

here’s a beautiful centerpiece with step-by-step instructions by a practical wedding

and from the queen-of-all-things-crafy, martha stewart has some flower arranging tips

for more floral inspiration, be sure to check my ‘floral love‘ pinterest board!

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