all about the bridesmaids

so many ideas, so little time! i’m finally getting around to adding a few items to the shop that have been on my mind for a while now………

available for immediate download, these folding cards (watercolor design and floral design) come in a set for your bridesmaid, maid of honor and matron of honor. they’re blank inside so you can write your own, sweet message 🙂

and these got me thinking……….how do you ask your best girls to be a part of your biggest day ever?? maybe a nice champagne brunch? take them out for a pedi/mani session?

however you choose to bond, it’s a nice idea to get them something special. soon enough, it becomes all about you – and rightly so, you’re the BRIDE!! – but it’s a nice idea to remind them that they’re a cherished part of your life.


  1. i love goodie bags. a personalized tote as a reminder of the special day is a nice idea and also practical.
  2. another practical idea – portable jewelry cleaner wipes.
  3. chocolate. need i say more?
  4. there isn’t a woman i know who wouldn’t appreciate a nice set of makeup brushes.
  5. maybe you’ve chosen a special polish color for the big day?
  6. LOVE the idea of personalized flasks but they’re sometimes difficult to conceal. these key chain flasks are perfect!
  7. coconut oil? yup. amazing skin/hair care product all in one. if they haven’t tried it yet, turn your girls on to this and they’ll thank you – trust me!
  8. clutches for your girls. i think i love this idea more than jewelry!

what would you add to the tote? how did you ask your bestie to be a part of your best day ever?

check out my pinterest board for more gift & favor ideas!

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