“naked cakes”

when i was younger, my mother made elaborate wedding and party cakes for friends and family. i recall the hours she spent baking and frosting and decorating.

heaven help you if you jumped around the house while a cake was in the oven.

i also remember the drama of transporting the layers and reassembling on site. i couldn’t breathe until that cake was no longer our responsibility!

what fascinated me about the whole process was the decorating. the thousands of roses and leaves made from frosting. the scrolls, the basket weave…………..i can picture those cakes like i saw them just yesterday!

but here’s the thing……… i hate frosting. with a passion. so that may be why i’m drawn to these recently popular “naked cakes”

so what do you think? just an excuse for those who can’t form a decent rosette?
or truly a style choice?

here’s a few of my faves……..

1 // 2 // 3

okay, so the second is frosted but it’s sort of a shabby-chic look 🙂

so your thoughts – yay or nay?

check out some of my other favorite cakes on my pinterest board!

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